Don’t Let Mike Brown Die In Vain

There has been a lot flowing on the media waves. A lot of it is unfortunately death.

I can hardly understand why the media does what they do, but the truth eventually forces its way out.

The murder of Mike Brown, an 18 year old African American teen who was murdered by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Apparently, Brown was walking back with a friend from a convenience store, when a police officer Darren Wilson while in his vehicle harassed Brown physically, then shot him point blank. Brown’s friend fled the scene, and Brown wounded tried to scramble away, Brown fell to his knees with his hands raised begging “don’t shoot”. The officer shot Brown, and then his body 6-10 times. This account has come from two separate witnesses at the scene of the incident. I have to mention that this may not be the truth, but I understand what piecing things together means. Brown’s body was left on the street for a few hours – these images can be found online (Not for the faint of the heart)

In an official statement made on August 15th from the Ferguson police after staying silent for a week, but not afraid of voicing violence towards protesters – Mike Brown is being tied to a robbery at a convenience store. Footage from the store has been released with a man in a red hat supposedly Mike Brown. The footage is not the clearest, nor what will end the protest, but vindictively may strike them up again.

In a New York Times article many are seeing the police evidence as a cover-up of Mike Brown’s execution. On a different foot, at the very core of the issue it is an unfettering of the racist foundations this country was built on. What makes this completely inane is that it is 2014, and the humanitarian effort is shrinking. Is it religion that separates us as seeing each other as equal humans? is it politics? is it wealth? Or is it pure hate. Nothing in this world can be changed without an even greater force to prevail the opposing force.


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