What is happening in the world?

Living in America these past few days, I’ve witnessed a staggering amount of news, that their really isn’t words for.

In the Ukraine a civilian Malaysian airliner – MH17 was shot down with a surface to air missile killing roughly 300 people. With only evidence and finger pointing, most of them are pointed at Russia. The missile allegedly was the work of Pro-Russian rebels/Russian backed rebels. Thus, President Putin is in the hot seat. It’s a tricky situation as the passengers who were killed were from all over the world – Britain, Australia, and Asia.


Gaza Strip under fire

In other news you may have not realized the atrocious war that is raging between Hamas, in the Gaza Strip and Israel. It’s difficult to begin on where it all started without it being an overwhelming history lesson. Therefore, summing it up will be a paltry attempt. Sources would contribute it to Hamas, the extreme military group, in their recent episode of murdering three teenage Jewish boys. It set off the violent counterattack from the Israel prime minister Netanyahu. In response, Israel unleashed hell upon Gaza. Weapons of death  – rocket propelled grenades, tanks, missiles, bombs, airstrikes, ground troops. The death toll of a recent update in Gaza Strip was estimated around 690 with 4.500 people injured. The majority of that death toll is mainly civilian causalities. Hamas actually puts a lot of their civilians at risk, and they actually tell them not to evacuate areas that are going to be airstrike-ed or bombed , even when warning shots are sent out. Hamas even uses civilian areas to house weapons or fire missiles from, but far worst is Hamas choice to use human civilians as a shield. Israel is bringing it’s sense of “justice” to Hamas, with warnings they told civilians to evacuate to Gaza City, and it’s hell there, too. Jon Stewart said it best to sum up the evacuation situations “Israel blocks this border, Egypt blocks this border. What are they supposed to do, swim for it?” Evacuation is a short lived choice for those caught in a war.

In Taiwan, an airplane went down trying to land in bad weather, during a typhoon. 47 are feared to be dead. A bomb went off in  Kaduna, Nigeria killing at least 82 people, it was an assassination attempt at Sheik Dahiru Bauchi – an Islamic cleric.

I’m bewildered this is all happening in other parts of the world. While I simply just observe.

EDIT: New report  by NY Post that Hamas wasn’t behind the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens. Apparently, committed by a rouge group. Israeli refused a truce, they are going to expand ground troops operations in heed of the civilian causalities.