Isla Vista Massacre – Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers killed four men and two women this weekend.

He stabbed his roommates to death including a visitor. He then went on a spree and killed three more while injuring 13 others.

I have been reading multiple articles about the killer and the victims. The perpetrator Rodgers was labeled as a misogynist, narcissist, and mentally unstable person. His primitive hate of women floundered from his raging envy and lust for love. A love which he twisted in his own ideas  of jealously. For instance, Rodgers wrote a 100,000 word story about this premeditated rampage and detailed rants about couples who look happier than him. He would throw his beverages on couples and revel in the satisfaction. He has earned himself a certain limelight as the man that women come to fear and push the stigma and distrust of all men.

Rodgers purchased an arsenal of three guns and seemed to lack the most basic psychological attention. I don’t intend to ostracize the parents of Rodgers, but because you send your child to therapy, a nice school, or give him a BMW it doesn’t mean anything. It teaches children that happiness is founded in material desire which has a litany of consequences. In the records on his purchases, Rodgers was engrossed in obtaining wealth and winning the lottery became his last hope of becoming a man girls would like.

I’m most devastated for the victims.

It’s 2014 and another white male U.S. citizen has went on another shooting rampage. How many more will it take for us to look at guns with an image of disdain at what it achieves? Where are the good guys with a gun going to get the bad guy before it happens? Whether it be in Aurora, Sandy Hook, or a Muslim temple? When will people learn just because it is rooted in tradition doesn’t mean that it was ever be a good tradition to begin with.